electrical components used for BT forklifts

We provide you with the suitable electric or electronic components, which you can solve a malfunction in your BT fork lift truck or reach truck with.
As an example we mention a malfunction in the ignition system: ignition distributor, capacitor, breaker points, distributor, spark plug, ignition cable, but of course also a
Many of the frequently used switches on your BT machine: ignition switch, klaxon, emergency switch, pressure switch, micro switch, direction switch, temperature switch, footswitch

But for your BT fork lift truck, we also supply the suitable relay's, fans, sensors……. etc.
For many electronic components, such as linear accelerator, pcb's, displays, we can also offer refurbished copies, through an exchange system.
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Names, descriptions, manufacturer’s item numbers, or brands of material are provided only for reference and description purposes. In no way does this signify that these parts are original parts from the manufacturer in question.